Dragon Bane V1.2.1+
Dragon Bane II V1.0.6+

Zodiac Pad Controls


  • A. Joystick
    • 3D View - Directions: rotate left, right, step forward, backward. Push: switch to Party View
    • Party View - Up, down: change menu selection. Push: menu select. Left: switch to 3D View. Right: switch to Map view
    • Map View - Directions: pan map. Push: Switch to 3D View
  • B. Action Button:
    • 3D View - Switch to Map View
    • Party View - Toggle menu selection between top and bottom menus
    • Map View - Switch to 3D View
  • C. Up button
    • 3D View: Step forward
    • Party View: Menu selection up
    • Map View: Pan map up
  • D. Down button
    • 3D View: Step backward
    • Party View: Menu selection down
    • Map View: Pan map down
  • E. Leftbutton
    • 3D View: Rotate left
    • Party View: Switch to 3D View
    • Map View: Pan map left
  • F. Right button
    • 3D View: Rotate Right
    • Party View: Switch to Map View
    • Map View: Pan map Right
  • G. Left Trigger
    • 3D View: Slide left
    • Map View: Zoom out [Dragon Bane II only]
  • H. Right Trigger
    • 3D View: Slide Right
    • Map View: Zoom in [Dragon Bane II only]